[The following is a true account of my trip to Cambodia.] The flight from Vientiane to Phnom Penh is only an hour or so. Lao Aviation didn't think to pass out arrival cards on the plane, so I'm having to do all my paperwork on the spot, including a Cambodia visa application. It's only $20 to get in and I pay up and pass through immigration quickly, they not minding I can't find a photo of myself to go with my visa. I grab a taxi and head into town, to the Hong Kong Hotel. Another day, another third world rat hole. Actually, Phnom Penh isn't too bad the first drive through. The place is certainly quite a bit more built up, with a somewhat aged but solid looking infrastructure, unlike the almost absurd decrepitude found in the capital of Laos. Phnom Penh also bustles with a good deal of traffic, although the majority is still motorcyles, bicycles, and cyclos -- foot pedalled three wheeled taxis. I'm told by my mercenary friend in Laos, it's much like Bangkok was 20 years ago or more, and in fact, it's very easy to see the evolutionary steps needed to go from one to the other. After check in I'm offered a room for $20 a night with aircon, TV, refrigerator, and hot shower. I pass though, because it doesn't have a window and I don't care to feel like I'm sleeping in a closet. I opt instead for similar, windowed one, for $25. I soon find out that Cambodia is largely a dollar economy. Their unstable currency, the riel, is currently about 2800 to the dollar and is given out in a confusing array of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 denominations. Rather than keep a large wad of odd sized bills in my pocket, I go with what prices are quoted in anyway, and convert my baht back to dollars, mostly 1's and 5's. I spend the afternoon walking around the neighborhood some. My hotel is on Monivong Street, a main drag, but by just going one block over, behind my hotel, I encounter unpaved urban squalor. Eventually, I get over to Street 63, which parallels Monivong on the other side, and start checking out the brothels. Downtown these look like any other shop except that the metal security curtain that would be drawn and locked at night is closed together with about a two foot opening. When you walk in, it's unlit and you start talking to the mamasan and some of the girls. Others may be upstairs on the overlooking second level loft. I find mostly Vietnamese girls for sale, and after a couple of stops, settle on one to take back to my hotel a couple of hours for $10. She's 18 and has a beautiful smooth face, but she's a little fat when I undress her, and has acne marks and scars all over her body. I have her a couple of times, nothing spectacular, before sending her off, showering, dressing and grabbing dinner across the street. At night I prowl the streets for free lancers but don't have any luck. I stop in a barbershop for a $4 massage. The girl wants an additional $20 to let me screw her, but I pass, thinking I can do better. I find the streets of Phnom Penh mostly pretty safe at night. I'm unbothered where ever I go except for the occasional beggar, one without any arms being particularly persistent, at one point ramming his stumps into my chest, but I walk away. I do try to stay on the main more well lit streets, though, staying wary of shadowed side areas I felt so free to pass through during daylight. I head back to my hotel alone for the night and consider whether Phnom Penh is going to be a strictly "short time" town for me. The next day I go over to the Allson Hotel up the street for a $7 buffet lunch. Food okay, nothing to get excited about. I then take care of converting the remainder of my Thai baht to U.S. dollars, and then grab a $1 motorbike taxi and head over to Tuol Kauk (appropriately pronounced TOOL COCK). Tuol Kauk is a large village of wooden shacks on the northern edge of town. The roads are mostly dirt, or mud if it's rained, and except for providing residence and the occasional shop selling soda and cigarettes, the shanties built beside them apparently serve only to house prostitution. There are a great many of these small places, I stopped counting after a dozen, and in front of each, the girls sit offering themselves to you. Some are quiet and cold and you must approach them and smile before they'll acknowledge you. Others, particularly the Vietnamese girls (as opposed to the Khmer), are quite aggressive, waving you over, grabbing you when you're within arm's reach, and literally dragging you inside.

After a few stops on the Khmer side of the railroad tracks, I sat down on the front porch of one place and was offered my choice of a half dozen Khmer girls, or the mamasan herself. They ranged in age from perhaps late teens to early thirties, my attempts to communicate rather frustrating. Not being in a hurry, it still being early afternoon, I sat with them, allowing myself to be touched, prodded, and fondled by each. Aside from the hair on my forearms, the most constant point of fascination and admiration from these, and all other Southeast Asian girls I've been with, seems to be my nose. Almost without exception, it seems, they dislike their own flattened bridge and somewhat flared nostrils, no matter how small and cute they are, and instead seem to feel my straight, narrow nose to be some kind of ideal. After a few minutes of this, I give in to their offers and choose one of the younger girls to go inside for a $3 screw, the cheapest by far I've ever paid for sex. Her face was cute, her eyes round, and her skin brown. I undressed her and her skin was perfectly smooth all over. She had only a few fine hairs on her pussy, and you had to get close to notice them. We were in a partition not much larger than the bed, and beyond undoing my pants, chose not to get undressed. I had her on the bed, and when I finished, withdrew, and she removed my condom, dropping it to the open ground between the floor planks. I buttoned up, paid my $3, and headed farther up the road. A couple of more stops later and I let myself get pulled into another shack. This time I'm not quite as particular, but choose another Khmer girl. She's a little older, maybe mid twenties, and has had a baby, but is still reasonably attractive. I get her short time for only $2, breaking my previous record of just a few minutes earlier. Once naked, her brown skin is as smooth and hairless as the other's, this time having only a half dozen light hairs around her pussy lips. I do nothing more than unzip my fly, don a condom, and have her on the bed, the condition of these places not being very conducive to foreplay. Another 10 minutes of penetration and thrusting, and I ejaculate semen into my condom's receptacle tip. The whole experience is about as base as it gets, and maybe because of that, I get off rather easily. Although I still have a couple of condoms left, I've run out of one dollar bills, and brothels aren't exactly the kind of places not to have exact change for. So I hop on back of another motorbike and head back to my hotel, the sky threatening rain. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rest, shower, later dinner. Around 11 I head over to Street 63 and pick an extremely cute 19 year old Vietnamese girl for $15 all night. Her face is adorable, her body thin with smooth flawless skin, unlike the first Vietnamese girl I had. She also has large hemisphere like breasts that if this wasn't Cambodia, you'd swear were implants; they feel very real and natural, though. As unfortunately seems to often be the case with young, stunningly beautiful girls (that know that they are so) they get very conditional and particular. In this one's case, although she didn't mind taking off her clothes or having the lights on, she didn't want to be kissed, or have her nipples sucked, or just generally be handled. And had a tendency to pout and turn away when you tried. In the end, I had her a couple of times, at night and the next morning. But the longer we were together the more she wanted to leave, and rather than hold her captive (the agreement with her mamasan was I could have her until noon), I let her go at 9:30, by then not caring much for her company either. I have lunch at the Allson Hotel for the last time, the bitchy French woman who runs the buffet making a big deal that I want change for a $10 bill, and hop on back of a motorbike to check out Svay Pak. I unfortunately did not choose my driver well, allowing us both to get lost, him stopping for directions several times. And an 11 kilometer trip out of town becomes about 40 (I should have halted him long before). I end up seeing a lot more of the Cambodian country side than I planned, at times riding with a river on one side, rice paddies on the other and thatched roof huts lining the roads, the scenic wonder of it all mitigated by my soar rear stuck on a motorbike and dust flying into my eyes. We do finally circle back and make it to Svay Pak, and after such a long ride, I'm rather disappointed. Overall there seems to be considerably fewer brothels than Tuol Kauk, maybe only a dozen or so, although I didn't thoroughly survey the entire village, and every one I checked out only had Vietnamese girls, which by now I didn't particularly care for. I end up getting nothing more than a beer and instead head back to Phnom Penh with a stop at Tuol Kauk, on the north edge of town. We go to the Khmer side and, like the day before, I make my rounds, this time shagging three different girls, each for $3. Two of them were youngish, maybe late teens, with small round bodies and firm breasts. The other was taller and bigger, but all curves like a Khmer version of Anna Nicole Smith, and with huge torpedoe like breasts that hanged forward but were still also quite firm. All three were very affectionate and the big one loved thrusting her tits at me and shaking them up and down, laughing all the while. She would have made a great strip club dancer. If this place were a bit closer to my hotel, I'd love to bring one of these back, and may still try. They were a lot of fun. I get back to my hotel and rest some, my eyes still burning from the road, catch a late dinner at an Indian restaurant, and record these events. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another stroll down Street 63 and the first brothel I hit was the one from the previous night. I tell the mamasan the chick I had last night was no good and ask for another. The one offered, and accepted, was not quite the looker as last night's girl, so I get her all night for only $12. She's a big girl, not like the one at Tuol Kauk who was all curves, but just fat, with small but firm breasts. Her skin is smooth and light brown. She's apparently half Vietnamese and half something else, maybe Cambodian or American, and has fairly round eyes. She definitely enjoys being with me and is way more affectionate than the other one. I have her a couple of times. The first is a quickie as soon as we get back to my room, without showering first since we'll just shower again after, and then another screw early the next morning. This girl wants to stay with me, but I have a big day planned and push her out about 8:30. That day I fly to Seam Reap to see the temples. I'd considered possibly doing it in a single day, flying back to Phnom Penh in the evening, but miss the 9am flight, and spend the morning in the airport waiting for the next one at 1:20pm. My day of culture will now span two and I'm without anything for the overnight. Nothing on me but an umbrella. I opt for roughing it a bit, and finally board the plane about 1:30. We then just sit there in the plane for half an hour, and then go back to the departure gate and sit some more. Some three hours later we finally take off, aboard a Royal Air Cambodge twin engine ATR72. The propellers were manufactured by Hamilton Standard and the inflight meal was a cupcake and cup of coca cola. 35 minutes later we touch down at Seam Reap Airport and I find myself quickly led to a taxi for a one dollar ride to Mom's Guest House. A room with aircon and bathroom (cold shower) costs $15 a night. This I pay, along with a $20 temple admission fee and another $20 to hire a taxi for the day. It's nearly dark when I check in, and after a cook your own meal of beef strips (a small wood burning hot plate and soap tureen is placed on your table) at the Bayon Restaurant next door, I check out the neighborhood a bit in the dark and mud (it had rained earlier that day). Not much going on where I'm staying, but I run into some girls on a street corner not far away selling sugar cane or something, and make time with them for a little while. I don't get any takers and go back to the hotel. It's only about 7:30pm but I'm totally clueless about the available Seam Reap night action, which I know exists. I also don't bother asking a taxi, Bangkok having conditioned me against that, and instead kill a few hours watching a Thai soap opera, dubbed in Khmer, on the downstairs TV. 8:30 the next morning my taxi picks me up and I spend most of the day at Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat. Lots of carved stone. I make it back to the airport about 3:30 and three hours later am back in my Phnom Penh hotel room, feeling dirty and exhausted, or so I thought. After a shower and shave, I relax a little watching CNN and over time find I no longer have the strength to stand. Not much longer after, I realize I have a fever and am in no condition to spend an evening out. I suspect a recent meal as I also have diarrhea. I take some of the bactrim I brought along for it and go to bed early.

By mid morning the next day, I'm mostly recovered and have three cans of a strawberry juice drink along with a meal of fried rice. Then I'm on the back of a motorbike, purchase 60 M-16 rounds for $22, and head to the shooting range. There I trade 30 of them for AK-47 bullets (at the range, I'm told, you pay $1 for each one), and get in some target shooting, with full auto on. I pay $10 to rent each gun and another $10 for a hand grenade. As a bonus, they let me fire a few rounds from a tripod mounted, belt fed, M-57 machine gun. In the afternoon, my last full day in Phnom Penh, I make one last visit to Tuol Kauk, and screw 4 girls for $2 a piece. All were Khmer and very friendly, but by the time the fourth one pulled me in (her pussy was very nearly hairless), it was enough for me to be able to perform at all. I had brought along 4 condoms and used them all, paying less for the experience than the cost of a Bangkok taxi ride to the airport. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My last evening in Phnom Penh and I finally taste a bit of the night life, such as I know it to exist. First stop is a casino aboard a docked ocean cruiser. Mostly video slot machines and a few other games, including roulette in the upstairs hall. Admittance is to foreign passport holders only, and the crowd appears mostly Japanese. Next is a brief stop to check out Martini's. I arrive with very low expectations but don't find the place all that bad. Mostly just your basic bar and disco combo, but with many unattached girls, most expressing interest and a few worth a second look. I go in for a quick beer and soon find my hand in the grasp of a pretty Khmer girl in a red party dress. She tells me she's mine 'til the next day for $20 and I'd seriously consider it except later on I'm going to try to meet a Tuol Kauk girl I met. Overall, I can see Martini's serving as something of a substitute for Thermae when in Phnom Penh. From my brief experience, it appears the approach to getting a free lance girl for the night is just as direct, the girls roughly have parity in looks, and the price may be as little as half what's asked for now at Thermae. A big advantage Thermae has for me, though, is that it can easily be walked to from my hotel, whereas a taxi is required to get from downtown to Martini's (unless I can find a cheap nearby hotel that isn't out in the boonies). After Martini's, I'm off to the nearby Cash Box night club. This place is the only bar with nude dancing girls I know of in Phnom Penh (the desk clerk at my hotel said he knew of another with a Chinese name but didn't know where it was). The Cash Box is certainly a poor substitute for Patpong or Nana Plaza, but it does offer some advantages. Although there's just one circular stage with three nude girls, the girls are quite a bit more friendly on stage than anything I've found in Bangkok. For a one dollar tip, completely nude girls in the middle of their dance shift, jump off stage into your lap, allowing you to fondle them anywhere, while also engaging in some serious lap dancing. With a mostly Japanese/Chinese crowd, though, the expected tip tends to get bid up. At one point I deposited my girl on the lap of the drunk Japanese guy next to me, who already had one, and he ended up tipping them both. Others nearby were also offering me free feels of their lap girls, and I obliged them. After Cash Box, I go back to my hotel to wait for the Tuol Kauk girl whom I know will almost certainly be a no show. You can hardly expect a commitment like that to be kept by a girl who lets you screw her for $2. After giving her the benefit of the doubt for half an hour, I withdraw it and walk over to Street 63, my now standard alternative for all night company. I find a brothel or "coffee shop" with one Khmer girl (most in that neighborhood seem to stock exclusively Vietnamese) and settle with the mamasan for $15, getting the girl until 11am or noon the next day. My last girl in Southeast Asia this trip and I luck out with an adorable one. Though she doesn't speak a word of English (I don't think I've had a single girl in Cambodia I could speak three words to), she has a cheerful and very affectionate disposition, giggling frequently and wrapping her tiny 4'10" body around mine whenever we lay together. Her name is Ot, I think I gathered, she's 19 and soon reminds me of what one of those Seam Reap temple girls who tagged along with me might be like in 10 years or so. I end of getting my money's worth with her, having her once that night and another three times through the next morning. Not a lot of sleep, but with the grueling amount of time I expect to soon be spending in airports waiting for connecting flights home, I'll have plenty of time to make up for it. As seems to be a general distinction between Khmer and Vietnamese girls, Ot is quite shy about her beautiful, tiny brown body. At the same time, though, she peels in laughter every time I sneak up and steal her towel, a recurring source of amusement for me during the night and morning. Her attachment seems genuine as she takes every relaxed moment to entwine herself around me, and come noon, I'm sorry to see her go, wishing to bring her back with me. But Ot is a brothel girl not a Thermae freelancer in charge of her own life. And when we go downstairs to the lobby, a "pappasan" is waiting to take her back. He greets her with a big smile, she's also happy to see him, and it becomes clear to me where her loyalties lie. Her brothel seems to provide a home of sorts. Her mamasan perhaps actually serving a kind of mother role also, looking out for her, taking care of her. But what family relationships exist for her there, I can only guess at, the language and cultural barriers presently insurmountable. After seeing Ot off, I check out, do a little souvenir shopping at the Central Market, and take a taxi to Pochentong International Airport. As I fly over and say goodby to the city and country, the fourth and last in this brief tour, I decide Phnom Penh and Cambodia definitely merit another visit. And next time, I think, I will give it its due -- if I can stay away from Tuol Kauk. =========================================================================== Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 18:59:45 -0500 I arrive in Phnom Penh around noon and take a taxi into town to the Hong Kong Hotel on Monivong. For whatever reason, they only have two rooms left and I opt for a windowless one with a large bed, TV, hot shower/toilet, aircon and refrigerator for US$25/night. After catching up in my diary, I'm off for bottled water and then directly to Tuol Kauk, a brothel village of wooden shacks on stilts and dirt roads on the northern edge of town. The motorbike driver drops me off on the far end of the Khmer side, I pay him his dollar, and begin my prowl. I screw two girls for $2 each. The first had a pretty young face and lighter skin and I consider her for later. The second was smaller and darker. She was only about 4'10" still with the figure of a child with the exception of large forward hanging breasts. I later learn through an interpreter that she's 18. Although not the prettiest face, she's of special note to me because of her very nearly hairless pussy. The few fine hairs on her mound are only apparent after close inspection. I enjoy fucking her, as with all Khmer girls I've had, she's very affectionate. I also take note of the sticker on the wall with a condom cartoon character and Khmer script apparently advising use of such protection. After that quick screw and payment afterwards, I continue hitting the brothel shacks seeing if I can't improve on this find. I find nothing else that compares to my narrow specifications, as I take advantage of some girls, walking off paying nothing as soon as I get a look at their naked bodies and decide they're not worth my sperm. I return to the brothel with the smooth pussy girl and enter into negotiations to buy her out for a night. This is apparently a significant transaction, for whereas discussion of a short time screw hardly draws any interest, within five minutes, a crowd of 10 to 15 has gathered close around us, leaning in, and I soon find myself talking to a guy specifically brought in because of his English language skills. We finally settle on US$15 with her due back at her shack at 11am the next day. With it only 3:30pm now, I figure I ought to be able to get my fill of her by then and we hop on a motorbike taxi for the ride back to my hotel.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once back, we quickly remove our clothes for a screw and a shower. I unfortunately allow her to discover the TV and she very quickly becomes entranced watching a period Japanese soap opera dubbed in Khmer. Her next relentless demand is for a cigarette and to be fed. So we dress and head out walking a couple of doors down to a small restaurant with outdoor seating. A pack of 20 Mild Seven Filter Lights runs 2500 Riel (a little under a dollar), a lighter, another 500. We sit and I let her order, and we have a beef and cauliflower dish served with a fish and apricot soup, and rice. She has a can of 7up and I, a large bottle of Angkor beer. Afterwards we go back to my room for another screw and then doze off together in front of the TV, giving me a chance to recover a bit from my travel. We wake a few hours later for more TV and sex, finally calling it a night around 2am. The next morning I get in a couple more screws with her after which she returns to sleep and I get a chance to write in my diary and watch a little CNN International. My overall experience with her is hardly memorable and I won't mind unloading her when it's time. She's very much a product of Tuol Kauk both its poverty and its business of prostitution. She has an unwashed odor to her due intermittent bathing using only a clay pot, and her cigarette habit, illiteracy in her native language, and dressing habit including neither bra nor panties, marks her, as much as anything, as a rough urchin of urban squalor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ At a little before 11am we get dressed and I send her on her way, she giving me a big hug and kiss. I see her outside to a motorbike taxi, give her a dollar, and wave goodby, while considering when my next visit to Tuol Kauk will be. After lunch at the same restaurant as before, I get a traveler's cheque and my passport out of my safe deposit box and walk over to the Cambodia Asia Bank a few blocks up Monivong to cash it. I extend this excursion to a broader walking tour of the area with stops at a local Wat, an expat bar run by a German, and the New (Central) Market. I end up back near my hotel only to hop on a motorbike to the Olympic Market where I shop there a bit, and then walk back. Once again, the day's and previous night's activities catch up with me as I soon doze off after lying on my bed with the TV on. I don't wake until after 10pm where upon I shower and head off for Martini's. It's quite packed when I get there and I head for the bar, order a beer, and sit on a stool to observe the action. In time, I'm joined by one very friendly Khmer girl who soon has her arms around me. I'm at the moment in no hurry so play it slow, and in the process am joined by three other girls. It's a bit of a handful to share myself among them, to say nothing of the minor spectacle of it all. I let them play with me for some time and appreciate that this is very reminiscent of a Bangkok go-go bar except that there are no lady drinks or bar fines for which to pay. Eventually, I pick two of them, or maybe they picked me as they were the most affectionate and physical of the bunch. And in hindsite that tends not to bode well for an enjoyable hotel experience. I get them for $10 each for the night and a conventional four-wheeled taxi take us back to my hotel for $3. Neither of them are particularly hot looking with the lights on. One is 26 and kind of fat, the other 24 and a darker beauty with very little pubic hair. Both have had kids. We get undressed and I immediately screw the dark one. The three of us then lie on the bed and talk a bit before turning the lights off and attempting sleep. Around 3am I screw the big one, and at around 4 she says she's going home, that she's unable to sleep here. I don't protest her departure much as it has gotten a little crowded, and she had not become my favorite. Sleep, though, continues not to come easily, and after finally dozing off, I'm awakened at 7am to find the other one also dressing to leave. I am quite a bit less agreeable this time, but also realize that it's my fault for not establishing a departure time. And it's also hard to argue with getting an all night (or nearly so) for only $10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I eat a buffet lunch at the City Central Hotel (formerly the Allson) on Monivong and then walk over to and along the Sap River stopping at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant for a drink and to test their e-mail service. I continue to walk in the general direction of Tuol Kauk and at one point consider trying to make it there on foot. Eventually I relent and take a moto-taxi the remainder of the way. Once there, I went about my usual $2 whoring, satisfying myself a couple of times with the accommodating Khmer girls. The clouds had begun to gather during my activities and while I passed the time in front of one brothel, they burst into a torrential rain. My interest now is merely in staying dry as I wait out the storm in one brothel by giving an English lesson to the girl I'd just screwed. I also notice between storms that in the passing troop of people, I manage to count with displeasure more than one white male clearly here for the same reasons as I am. And I realize I can't help but blame myself for contributing to the publicity of the place. But then I think that if the political meltdown and civil war at all comes to pass as all news reports say the country is on the verge of, this slight uptick in brothel hounds will just as quickly be obliterated. After a couple more brothel hops, it's after 6:30pm and the rains seem to have finally ceased. The girl I've just had seemed a little sweeter and shyer than most, and with the potential of more rain ruining an evening out, I decide to buy her out for the night. The mamasan there seems to have taken a particular liking to me, especially after I gave her a dollar when I got there just to let me sit out the rain. Negotiations go rather easy this time and she lets me have the girl until noon tomorrow for $10. I end up waiting, though, an additional ten minutes or more, as this $2 brothel girl goes to a great deal of trouble to put on her best (and fairly conservative) outfit, shoes, makeup and jewelry. I end up feeling I'm taking her out on a date instead and it affects my whole attitude towards her, starting with concern that mud from the road not splatter her clothes as we prepare to leave. With the sky darkening, much of the road flooded with puddles, and downtown Phnom Penh in the middle of rush hour, three people on a moto-taxi becomes a somewhat less than relaxed experience. When we get back to my hotel, the driver wants $2, and rather than argue, I pay up. When we get back to my hotel, I just sit her on the end of the bed and look at her in the full light. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I felt I had a precious flower before me and didn't want to do anything to ruin it. Finally, I went out with her again and bought her dinner at the nearby restaurant. When we had finished, I brought her back to my room for a night together. She was the shyest of all that I've had so far, locking the bathroom door behind her, wrapping herself in a towel whenever I didn't have my hands on her. But she was always laughing and happy whenever I grabbed it from her and she as much enjoyed curling up around me. She had had a child, or had at least been pregnant, for her stretch marks were modest and her breasts still had the firmness of a young girl. I also learn that although she's 22 years old, she had only been in Phnom Penh for a month. She was a descent lay, nothing spectacular or particularly orgasmic, and she definitely enjoyed my company staying with me through the night and next morning without expressing the slightest desire to leave. As a further plus, she didn't smoke and had no interest in television, even after I'd turned it on and then kept it on CNN. Her only drawback was her apparent gastro-intestinal problems, exhibited by occasional farts and frequent trips to the bathroom. Eventually I give her some of my own prescription diarrhea medicine that I bring along, just to try to settle her some. Around noon we dress and I see her off on a moto-taxi back to Tuol Kauk. I then have another lunch at the City Central Hotel which seems like something of a French enclave with so much of that tongue spoken around me while I eat. Another roundabout walk eventually takes me to the Lidee Khmer Internet Center on Street 53 near the New Market where I send word back via e-mail to a bunch of people that everything's fine and I'm having a great time. At a little after 5 I way my options beyond a repeat of my somewhat boring previous evening. But once again head over to Tuol Kauk, more out of a monotonous habit than any real libidinous desire. With a somewhat disinterested curiousity, I decide to make a fuller survey of all the brothels in the village. I start out where I left the previous day and begin working my way through them, most of the time doing no more than looking over the half dozen girls presenting themselves to me in their plastic chairs. Overall, I find few I desire, they're either crudely agressive in their advances towards me, scowl with hostility, or have such a heavy amount of makeup and lipstick on so as to appear positively goulish (and I'm at a loss to understand how they think this will attract business). This time I make it past the railroad tracks, the supposed demarcation between the Khmer and Vietnamese area of Tuol Kauk. The Vietnamese brothels offer much the same, only they seem a bit more clueful on how to put on makeup. I continue to run across the occasional Khmer brother, though, and my interest has come to focus on the quiet, shyer, sweeter girls. I find one much to my liking, and after a $2 screw test run, see about buying her out. I've unfortunately picked a special one, for the mamasan refuses to let her go out at all and say's I much choose from among the other three. I suspect that the girl is probably new to the brothel and they don't trust her enough to let her out for the night. I decline the other choices and instead move on. I stop at another Khmer brothel and almost buy out a girl for $12, but end up backing out, deciding she just wasn't cute enough to spend the night with. At my last stop I do find such a Khmer girl. She's thin with small breasts and a very attractive girlish figure to go with her cute face. I settle on $15 to have her for the night and until noon the next day. This I make clear with the papasan, but is apparently not clear with the girl. Her name is Mao and the two of us take a moto-taxi back to my hotel. I quickly have her undressed, with her attempting to conceal her body within a towel. She turns out to be another okay screw, not especially passionate, and absolutely refuses to let me eat her pussy. Her other difficulty is her insistance on watching TV, which I will allow as no more than a tradeoff, if she allows my tongue access to her clit. She has a childish inability to seek compromise, though, instead kicking her feet in a tantrum of sorts, and the TV remains off. We do manage a shower together to go with the sex, and the next morning we wash each other's hair and she shaves me. As the morning proceeds, though, her restlessness increases turning at times into tantrums, pouting, and even a few tears. Having already got a read on her early on, I don't buy any of this, and later on she just as easily allows me another screw with her. Finally, at a little after 11am I decide I've had enough fun and we both dress to go out. We go outside to hale a moto-taxi and from across the street comes what I guess is one of the mamasans. She joins the girl on the moto and they head off, refusing a 500 riel note from me to pay for the fare. This being it for me this time round in Cambodia, after another buffet lunch at the City Central, I stroll along Street 63 and almost go for a $5 massage at a Vietnamese establishment, before checking out of my hotel and heading to the airport to catch my flight to Bangkok.

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