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Prostitution in: Japan

General Information about country, people, geography and climate can be gotten from the CIA World Factbook entry.

Legal Situation: Prostitution is technically illegal, as is visiting a prostitute. Prostitutes are rarely punished however, and johns are never punished. Enticing, pimping, promoting prostitution and operating a brothel carry penalties.

The age of consent laws are up to the local prefectures and vary accordingly.

Finding prostitutes: Watch out for Advertisements for telephone clubs, some kinds of bars and snack bars and soaplands. Soaplands or Turkish baths (toruko buro) are etablissements where you pay an admission fee to go to a private room with a bath and a "masseuse" with whom you then negotiate the rest. Many women from foreign countries work as prostitutes in Japan. The sex business is known to discriminate against foreign customers, mostly because of fear of Aids and geeneral xenophobia. It's best to bring along a Japanese male who can vouch for your character

Books with informations: A nonfiction book by Nickolas Bornoff called "Pink Samurai", New York: Pocket Books 1991.

Specific information about the Cities and Regions

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