hamlet is the best bar the girls are free if they like you =========================================================================== Date: 10 Aug 1995 07:13:20 GMT The previous World Sex Guide entry for Finland praised the Hamlet bar in Helsinki and told that "the girls are free, if they like you." This is probably somewhat confused. Apparently foreigners can find one night stands rather easily in Helsinki, and here the women are more willing to take the initiative for casual sex than in many other countries. Some of the strip clubs have a significant presence of prostitutes: Bar Lulu (Bulevardi 7), King's Kakadu (Iso-Roobertinkatu 20-22) and Pikku Pietari (Ratakatu 9). Most prostitutes are Estonians and Russians, with a sprinkling of other nationalities; Finns have apparently been pushed to other channels. Usually the women expect you to make the first contact, although some of them occasionally approach quite directly a likely-looking candidate. I have been asked a few times "Do you want to make love?", usually without any preliminaries, although I usually pay attention only to the dancers. Not all the women in the clubs are prostitutes, so some care is needed to avoid embarrasing situations, but the prostitutes are really fairly easy to recognize amid the dancers and female patrons. Most prostitutes arrive to the clubs only after midnight, so some patience may provide a better selection and a stronger negotiation position. According to a newspaper article, a typical price for one hour of 'full service' is 1000mk (about $250), but another quoted a 'quick fuck' even as low as at 300mk ($75). Presumably the truly gorgeous girls can command even higher prices. The strip clubs are probably the most reliable and convenient place for picking up a prostitute. There is some street prostitution in Helsinki, but that is quite inconvenient during the chilly winter. Right now the hotspot is said to be Aleksis Kiven katu, especially near the corner of Fleminginkatu. The prices apparently range from 200mk ($50) to 1000mk ($250). The first streetwalkers can be seen as early as 6 pm, but things won't get really busy until 9 pm, and the activity peaks around midnight. In 1994 the hotspot was Vaasankatu, and since residents in the neighbourhood are again complaining loudly enough to make the newspapers, I expect that the business may be pushed somewhere else soon. Before there were any strip clubs, prostitutes could be found in ordinary night clubs and bars, e.g. the night club of Hotel Hesperia was infamous for its 'meat counter'. Things may now be somewhat different, but it is quite possible that some prostitutes still use the night clubs for contacting clients who are unlikely to visit a strip club. The other typical channels for obtaining sexual services are even more uncertain. As far as I know, the public saunas and massage parlours don't have any 'special services', and the two escort services listed in the Helsinki telephone directory Yellow Pages are supposed to provide just classy, non-sexual company for public occasions. =========================================================================== There's one more thing; those escort services available on our yellow pages are said to also cover sexual services. This is illegal, and that's why you propably will run into a problem trying to find out what the price for a fuck is, if you want to be honest. The girls are luxury, reliable and hi-priced (1000mk and up). =========================================================================== Date: Sat, 9 Sep 1995 20:36:50 UTC You have skipped one very important nightclub called Kaivohuone. It's an old style house of 'rich-and-famous' with a large garden capable up to 1000 peoples (+ another 1000 inside). It takes 30 FIM to get in, weeknight are OK only in summertime, friday is quiet but saturday totally full from 10-11 pm (until 4 am closing). Climate has just changed to cover over 70% ladies, also hookers, but you can't find them so easily from all the others. Good, LOUD music, many cover-peoples, some Hollywood related ownership (Renny Harlin), placed in middle of a park in ocean side, only 10 minutes walk from Helsinki city. You mentioned Hamlet. It's Ok, but only 20% of size.

=========================================================================== Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 11:13:58 UTC Helsinki, Finland Escort service rates Escort service finland: 1500mk for two hours. I believe they have only a couple of girls. Extra costs may be high. phone: 9400 445050 International escorts: 2000mk for two hours. 3000mk for the night. Many girls from various countries. very pro. No extra costs. phone: 9200 863986 Both services open when they please and usually leave the answering machine on for you to leave a message. there are only two agencies and little competition... maybe there is not that much business... Lulu, the nightclub is a great place too and the prices are usually better but on a cold helsinki night the escort services earn their pay.. =========================================================================== Subject: prostitution in finland Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 10:17:14 +0300 I have an update information for your knowledge of prostitution in Finland. If you want sex quick in Helsinki (the capital city), you can to bar called King's Kakadu.It's striptease bar and there are almost always hookers looking for customers, even at daytime.Girls are mostly Estonian and Russian, but there are few Finns,too. Second place in Helsinki is "meat street" called "Aleksanterinkatu".There, if you have car, you can get BJ or fuck in nearby abandoned industry area.Prices vary from about 20 to 60 $ (BJ) and 40 to 100 $ (fuck). =========================================================================== Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 12:16:46 -0800 Subject: Prostitution in Finland One sad news about prostitution in Helsinki, Finland: Bar LULU is closed! They have no license to continue operating. The best place in Helsinki is now restaurant Pikku-Pietari. There is usually around 20-30 prostitued. Prices varies between 600 and 1.500 FIM (around 120 to 300 USD) for 1-2 hour "normal" service. Contacting them is easy, and girls are coming in around 9pm already. After midnight prices goes down, because restaurant closes 2am. Quality of girls is excellent. They don't have any drug-related problems, and usually they don't even drink alcohol. You are also able to go to your own hotel/home with them. Price are then ofcourse about 10% higher. ------------- Thank You for a very good page! =========================================================================== Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 23:33:44 +0200 (EET) Subject: Information on Helsinki, Finland There aren't much prostitutes around Aleksis Kiven Katu any longer. Currently they are said to hang around Paaskylankatu (I hope you got the scandinavian characters right. If there are weird characters in the name of the street, they are a:s with two dots side by side on top of it). The bar Pikku Pietari has recently burned down. =========================================================================== Subject: Update to Sex Guide Finland/Helsinki entry Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 17:11:10 +0000 (EET) In case you are interested, the bimontly local magazine CITYLEHTI <URL:http://www.city.fi/english/index.html> ran in March a lengthy article on 'Helsinki hardcore', including the prostitution scene. They used the information in the World Sex Guide entry for Finland/Helsinki as their starting point, and were even courteous enough to give the reference... The Sex Guide entry of "September 14, 1996" contains a silly blunder: it reports Aleksanterinkatu as the "meat street" of Helsinki. That street is actually one of the main shopping streets, which private cars cannot enter. Since the street passes the Presidential Palace, the police is rather likely to remove quickly any undesirable loiterers, too. The real "meat street" is "Aleksis Kiven katu", which indeed is next to an industrial area. However, at the moment the hotspot is said to be "Paaskylankatu", one of the neighbouring streets. The strip clubs are still the most convenient spot, if you want to pick up a Russian or Estonian prostitute. However, LuLu was closed down due to the end of their lease; the same address has a new restaurant, but that one is supposed to frown at 'ladies of the night'. Pikku Pietari was torched by an arsonist on March 20th, 1997 and hardly reopens soon. Now the only options are "King's Kakadu" (Iso-Roobertinkatu 20-22), and maybe "Mermaid" (Malminrinne 4), but in the past only few prostitutes frequented the latter club. However, the police estimates the Helsinki metropolitan area to have about two hundred Russian and Estonian prostitutes out of a total of a thousand. The Russians can obviously be found at the strip clubs, but all the rest must be operating somewhere else.

In the past prostitutes used the personals columns in newspapers to advertise their services in a very low-key manner. Now the biggest local paper "Helsingin Sanomat" is running a voice mail dating service with the contact ads under the heading "Ystavaa etsimassa", next to the old-fashioned personals. The contents are the same as always: real personals interspersed with ambiguously worded ads from prostitutes - the only real difference is the quicker turn-around time offered by the voice mail. "Paivakahvit" is still a popular code phrase, but you probably will still have problems decoding the intent unless your Finnish is fluent. However, some of the ads are obviously from male prostitutes offering services to women - *something* has changed during the nineties. =========================================================================== Subject: Helsinki Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 15:17:39 PDT Hi Atta, I'm coming back from Helsinki.... The easyest way to find a prostitute in Helsinki is to go in a strip tease bar (they call it Erotic restaurant). The best one was Lulu's but it's closed now. The only one which is still open is King Kakadu (Iso-Robertin katu). Entrance is 55 markkas and a beer is normal price for Helsinki (20 markkas). There are two kind of girls in this bar: the dancers and the hookers. There is a non-stop show in the podium, the girl is dancing. She is often completely naked at the end of the show, if you go on Sunday; it's so quiet that the girl is very often dancing against you for a couple of seconds, I don't have to say what is the effect for you. End of April one of the dancers was the French X-actress Julia Chanel. I remember having her legs around my neck (no knickers...). Between the shows, the dancers come to you to propose you a "private show" in a cabin. This private show is a very "hot" strip tease show just for you (one of them used a candle to simulate orgasm). 15 min of private show cost 150 markkas. You usually allow to touch the bust of the woman but some of them accept that you touch more (sometimes for 200 markkas). The other girls are hookers, all from Estonia and Russia. If you are a good looking man, they will come to you and propose you company for the night. Normally, you have to start speaking with her. A complete night in your hotel is about 1000 markkas but if you are not too bad you can have a couple of hours for 500 markkas (which is I think the minimum). When you have decided (they usually ask you to pay a drink first), you go with her until your hotel (you have to pay the taxi - 35-40 markkas - and the cloakroom - 20 markkas). I had a very good experience with Leena which is Estonian and spend three hours with me in my hotel for 500 markkas. She was very kind and accepted to do a lot of things (lick, fuck, suck, kiss,...) Her phone number is [censored] if you want a direct contact. Enjoy, =========================================================================== Subject: Helsinki, Finland Date: Sat, 03 May 97 12:46:15 PDT Updates on hot spots in Helsinki, Finland (May 3, 1997) As girlie bars "Pikku Pietari" and "Bar Lulu" do not exist anymore, the highest concentration of proffessional ladies in Helsinki can now (May 97) be found at two restaurants: The striptease club "MERMAID" (Malminrinne 4, close to the SAS hotel) in now crowded almost every night until closing time 2 AM. Entrance fee FIM 50 (=USD 10) +FIM10 (=USD 2) for the bouncer. The show is lousy and the bartender (owner?) makes no secret of the fact that he hates his job, especially serving customers who don't even speak Finnish properly. But the female customers are there for one reason only. Prices vary from FIM 600 to FIM 1000 (=USD 120-200). Restaurant "MIKADO" (Mannerheimintie 6, opposite to the Swedish Theatre) is a "normal" restaurant (food/bar/dancing) open until 4 AM. The clientel is not as drunk as at "Mermaid", the staff is friendly & efficient, the toilets are clean, and the atmosphere has more class. Since end of April 97, most of the females are proffessionals. Prices from FIM 600 to FIM 1500 (=USD 120-300). =========================================================================== Subject: Update to Sex Guide Finland/Helsinki entry Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 16:08:09 +0000 (EEST) Some changes in the Helsinki prostitution scene have become apparent during the year 1997. The strip clubs, which used to be the visible focal point for sex business have been strongly curtailed, but the result has of course just been that prostitution has moved elsewhere. Now that only two strip clubs are left, Russian prostitutes have 'taken over' restaurant "Mikado" (Mannerheimintie 6, same entrance as movie theatre Studio 123, but 2nd floor). It used to be a favourite of Finnish members of parliament and the business elite but not any more. The women in the strip clubs, King's Kakadu and Mermaid, are nowadays less good looking than they used to be; maybe they have moved over to Mikado, since it has the advantage that the cover charge is much cheaper there being no show to justify it. This might not last, since there have been some public disturbances with Russian guys fistfighting over some particular woman; the management is probably less than pleased. As the number of strip clubs has gone down, another development has been the appearance of private shows in sex shops. Many of these even provide full body massage... The advertised fees seem to be US$ 20 - 60; with additional tips at least hand jobs might be a likely occurence. During the summer a newspaper article also revealed that already for some years the women in some massage parlours had provided 'intimate massage', i.e. handjobs. Apparently the parlours most likely to provide such complete service were the ones - somewhat unsurprisingly - staffed by Thai or Vietnamese women. From the customer point of view the problem is that it is being done very quietly and really even without the manager being aware of it, so finding the right place may be difficult; you may as well wind up in an embarrassing situation with a middle-aged Oriental lady who never was going to do more than give a good back-rub. Another newspaper article probed the secrets of the few escort services. Some of them apparently expected their girls to provide sexual services, but they are telling prospective new girls that this is not the case - despite the promised huge income. So when a customer gets a girl after paying a hefty fee, she may turn out to be a blue-eyed innocent who will scream "rape" if the guy gets too friendly. *Some* girls apparently stay in the business, so maybe they have gotten the point. Does not sound like too reliable a way to get sex... Run that way it is very much against Finnish law, anyway. =========================================================================== Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 18:02:28 +0100 (MET) Subject: Helsinki - Finland Hi Atta. This is a report from Helsinki, Finland, where I've been on the first week of march, 1998. I was there for only 24 hours, but could go direct to the point thank to the World Sex Guide. The Mikado, as reported earlier, is still the place for professionals. I went there at around 23pm on a monday night, and there were more than fifty women, nearly all of them russian. I rapidly chose the most good looking one, who came along to my table after a quick meaningful eyelook i gave her. She said her name was Irina, but I assume it is fake, 27 years old. After a while she asked me what my plans were, and asked me 1000 FIM (about 180 USD) to come along to my hotel. I am not the bargaining type so I agreed. She stayed there with me while I was eating, talking nicely about various things, as if we had gone there together. She seemed to like my attitude, which was of having a good time not only in bed but all the time. Then we went to the hotel (she aked me 20 FIM to pay the wardrobe service, plus I paid 40 to the taxi driver) At the hotel reception she filled a form, pretending she was from Poland. I think the receptionist knew exactly what was going on, but pretended not to. In fact she wasn't asked for identity, nor for passport number, which I was asked when checking in. When we got in my room, after a while she went to the toilet, where she took a shower, then I did the same, then when I got back she told me to lie on the bed and did a private striptease for me, which she did in a really nice way, joking and smiling, without any hurry. She then did me hand without condom, then put the condom on, and gave me head, then we made love. She let me touch her and kiss her everywhere, and she did the same. She really was good looking and passionate, I would say that if she wasn't a hooker you could think she was a model: blonde, blue eyes, about 175cm tall, 3 to 4 bra size, long thin legs and an amazing bottom. I dunno whether she would do greek which I did not ask for, but I assume she'd agree. She stayed with me for an overall time of about 3 hours, including dinner, 1 and a half of which in my hotelroom. If you ever go to Helsinki do go to the Mikado, but please remember to always be nice to those girls. The following day I want for a drink to the King Kakadu, it was around 7pm, and I had a plane taking off at 10:30 pm so it was just to have a look. As soon as i got in a 21 years old russian girl came by and asked me if I wanted to spend some of my time with her. All the girls were not as pretty as those in the Mikado, but some of them were reasonable. I explained her I had no time, so she asked me if I would buy her a meal, which I did in a Pizza Hut nearby. During this meal i found out that, as many other russian girls, she now and again takes a break form her job in Moscow, goes to Helsinki for a couple of weeks, where she makes more money than she'd make in Moscow with her normal job in a whole year. She'd take 100 USD for half an hour, and 2000 FIM (360 USD) for the whole night. One last thing: the Mermaid still exists, though I did not go there, and I was told thet a new erotic bar has just opened, btu I could not find out its name. ALl I know is that it apparently is on a floating house, so somewhere in the harbor I would assume. Bye for now Han Solo =========================================================================== Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 21:58:09 EDT Subject: Re: Helsinki Visited Helsinki last week May 1998: The best places to find Russian and Estonia hookers are at the Mikado Nightclub and Restaurant and King Kakadu Strip Club, both about 10 minutes walk from each other. Mikado - four Stars Across for the Swedish theatre which is next to the Central Train Station. This place is a little more high class with your bankers and professional type standing around a big circular bar with booths around the parameter. No entertainment, just a meat market. I was swarmed by women as soon as I entered (probably because I am Japanese). Very aggressive and most are 8-9s and few 10s. The going rate is 1000 markka or about 200 bucks US per hour. Most in the 20-29 year old range. You pay for the taxi to your hotel and her's back. King Kakadu - three Stars On a pedestrian mall around the corner east and about 4 blocks from Mikado. Big stage and very friendly staff and atmosphere. More ladies than guys when I was there. Most are a little or alot older and even fat. But nice 7-8s in the 29-32 year old range with weathered but nice bodies. What they lack in youth they make up is enthusiasm and patience. Unlike the hurried wham-bang atmosphere of Mikado (above). Same price though. Even though I give it only 3-Stars, I prefer it to the Mikado. But then I also prefer to stay at Holiday Inns over Inter-continential hotel - its a little more downhome. Have fun,

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